Corey Pitkin's hunger for the mastery of classical drawing and painting techniques borders on the obsessive. Whether he's sketching a Velasquez at The Met or poring over out-of-print books by nineteenth century masters, Corey is driven to rediscover this knowledge that was all but abandoned and readapt it to a more modern sensibility. With oil paint, pastel or charcoal, Corey crafts portraits and figures with his feet firmly planted in the past millennia of art while eluding art that feels musty or dated.

As a predominantly self-taught artist Corey credits the isolation of growing up in a tiny southern Adirondack country town as affording him the opportunity to refine his abilities to a higher degree than might have been possible in a more metropolitan environment. By the time he was out of high school Corey had won multiple awards in regional and national competitions. After a loss of creative focus in his twenties Corey has resurfaced with a renewed passion for his art. Within the span of several years he has gone from a relative unknown to an award winner in local, national and international competitions, most recently as a Finalist in International Artist magazine Challenge #90, People & Figures and the Laumeister Fine Art Competition in Bennington, VT.

When he's not in the studio Corey is often found conducting workshops on portraiture and painting technique. He currently lives in Broadalbin with his wife Esther and children Connor, Anastasia, and Xavier.