Some thoughts on revisiting a piece that wasn't quite "there"

I completed the pastel on the right some time around March. I was happy with it for about a week before The Doubt crept it done? Can it be better? (What the heck is up with that left hand?)

So it sat in the studio for months. Unframed and unloved. I needed to fix that hand, but I was still happy with the dress and general color scheme.

The day finally came when I decided to jump back in, if only to get it out of the studio. 5 hours later and I had redone EVERYTHING. And was 1000 times happier with it.

The moral of this story? Sometimes all a failed piece needs is a fresh perspective.

So finally, here is:
"I Can Only Play This Sweetly When You're Never Here"
Assorted pastels on Canson touch